Jim Meghdir – Clifton Martial Arts Academy

Judy Justin hits the trifecta when it comes to getting the job done.  The website she created for Clifton Martial Arts Academy is beautiful and easy to get around, the price was very fair, and the service is exceptional.  A stressful situation was made easy by her patience and pleasant professionalism. I highly recommend her.

- Jim Meghdir – Clifton Martial Arts Academy

Young & Old to the Carnival We Go !



I love this shot. I see some young girls and some not so young girls enjoying the carnival. The bright lights make everything come alive. The energy is contagious. The children laughing, some cryings, the smell of the food, ice cream, funnel cake.  This carnival symbolizes the beginning of a new school year. The kids coming off  summer break. Friends hugs, teachers say hello. Suddenly you realize you have to get back to the school routine again.  Everything seems to be over stimulating my senses to the point that I welcome a cold beer. Welcome to the carnival….stay awhile…