Jim Meghdir – Clifton Martial Arts Academy

Judy Justin hits the trifecta when it comes to getting the job done.  The website she created for Clifton Martial Arts Academy is beautiful and easy to get around, the price was very fair, and the service is exceptional.  A stressful situation was made easy by her patience and pleasant professionalism. I highly recommend her.

- Jim Meghdir – Clifton Martial Arts Academy


Meet Rocky. Rocky’s owner loves the top picture of him so much she wanted to recreate it in a much more beautiful landscape. In the original picture Rocky is missing part of his right ear, he is showing his age with a cute pink nose and the background seems like a wood paneled basement. Rocky is also sporting a scarf the owner no longer wanted. Rocky’s fur is not as bright as it once was, but no worries, this is Rocky NOW !!

Rocky got a new ear, brighter fur, younger nose, fresh outdoors, we even got rid of that pesky little hair that dangled on the right eye. Other than these changes, Rocky has no other effects.